Beat the crap out of bullying – the extreme guide

6 Dec

Rachel dealt with her bullies by eating a tarantula in front of them, nice one Rach

There are many reasons why people bully – they like the feeling of being in control, they like to feel powerful, they want to look kool in front of others, they are jealous but the main reason is they are assholes.

Bullying can interfere with your school work and school attendance. A lot of teens give up their right to do well in school and get their qualifications just so they can avoid getting bullied. That’s a pretty big and important thing to give up right?

So you have read Rebel Youth’s guide on ‘How to punch bullying hard in the mouth (the practical guide to getting help)’, you have informed adult’s about what’s been going on, you have been to talk to your school counsellor but the response you got by the adults you spoke with was ‘just ignore it’. Or maybe an adult spoke to the bullies and it still didn’t help.

Rebel Youth has created an extreme guide to beating the crap out of bullying. When all else has failed check out some of these tips (to be used with caution, screw parental guidance).

Target their weakness

Bullies are just as vulnerable as you. Find their weakness (facial tick, funny looking mole, large feet) and attack. Humiliation evens the playing field, if you can embarrass them in front of an audience they may think twice before they mess with you again.

Just be careful not to become the bully, the aim is to get them off your case not to consistently verbally beat them to a pulp. Be careful if they are violent as you might get punched in the face and be wary that they might turn the tables and tell on you – collect some evidence of the bullying to show adults if you get pulled up on it.

Take up self defence

Join a self defence class, a boxing class or a karate class. This will help you feel more in control, more confident and will give you some killer moves if your bully tries to harm you. Avoid killing them.

Go psychotic

Pinned to a corner with 3 massive bullies? Act absolutely crazy – shriek, scream, whisper all of a sudden, roll your eyes around in your head like your possessed, be unpredictable. The aim is to frighten them.

Notice how people will avoid someone on the street who is talking loudly to themselves and acting weird? People fear what they believe to be crazy, they fear it because it is unpredictable, they don’t know which way the person’s going to go and they generally don’t want to wait to find out. Get out some horror movie’s and study up.

Punch them in the face

We don’t promote violence at Rebel Youth but we do understand that when it comes to bullying and all else fails, then a good punch to the face should sort it. It shows bullies that you’re not a victim, you can defend yourself and can literally take matters into your own hands.

If you decide this is the option for you then be aware you run the risk of getting expelled, you will need to prove that you had tried every other avenue towards getting help with the bullying, again keep evidence of past bullying so you can show it to adults.

Get a team behind you

Get your older sibling, cousin and their friends to go intimidate the crap out of your bullies. Bullies tend not to mess with people who have backing behind them. Bullies are cowards this will stop them from coming near you for fear of getting beaten.

Report them

The police are there to keep you safe so if someone has threatened to harm you, made threats on your life or stolen from you then your legally entitled to report them to the police. This is a sure fire way to put an end to the bullying and abuse.

Don’t be scared, you will not get in trouble, the police will want to ask you questions and get details so be open and honest and show them any evidence you have collected – texts, emails, Facebook comments (you can take screen shots and print them out), make sure to record the time and date on each. Don’t call 111 unless it is an emergency instead look in your phone book for your local police station number and call it. police communications is a good one to call.



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